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Website Hosting & Backups

All websites are "hosted" on "web servers." A "web server" is a special type of computer that is located in a secure location called a "data center." The "data center" offers physical security and redundancy for power and internet connections.

We originally did not offer website hosting at all because it's a competitive business with "race to the bottom" pricing. But, after endless amounts of problems with the large hosting companies, we eventually started offering these services ourselves.

Out hosting focuses on:

  • High availability - making sure your website always works
  • Speed - Our servers are at idle most of the time so your website will run as fast as possible.
  • Proper backups - when a hardware failure occurs, there are multiple off-site backups to make sure no data is lost.
  • Security - by limiting access and services running, we can offer secure hosting.

Hosting with us also creates one point of contact and one responsible party for your website. That eliminates situations where the hosting company denies problems, meanwile the website is down because their servers are not functioning properly. When we're in control, we can guarantee uptime without having to be at the mercy of third party companies.